A Guideline On Choosing Road Bikes For Beginners

When it is time for your first road bike, you are deluged with choices. There are so many bike types with varied components, materials, frame designs available, leaving a biker confused. But, don’t worry. Here is the help you need to make the selection process simple. If you are a beginner there is no need to throw a lot of money on buying a road-bike. Recently many affordable bikes are available in the market exclusively to satisfy the biking needs of beginners. Decide on the budget to expedite the shopping process. For those who are strict on their budget TheRacery.com Used road bikes can help a great deal. Check this outhttp://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/pages/cycling.aspx to know more about beginner’s fitness bikes.


Do your research thoroughly before making an investment. Check out your nearest bike shop and learn some basics about road bikes. Moreover, you need to get an opportunity to touch and feel the bike before putting your money in it. Remember road bikes can be expensive so indulging in a little research does not hurt. There are online forums that can help clarify all your doubts on investing in a road bike. These forums offer valuable advice and are the best place to start your research.


The frame is one of the most expensive parts in the road bike. The material used to design the frame decides the price of the road bike. Some of the materials used for making frame include steel, titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum. The characteristics of the frame remain the same, despite the material used. Aluminum is commonly used in road bikes and comes cheap. It makes the bikes durable and light. The latest in this section is the butted tubes, these come in thicker ends and lighter at the center, enabling the bike to handle stress at the ends.

Steel has been predominantly used in road bikes since 1980. It is the best material for customized bikes particularly for touring purposes where the weight is an important factor. It is comfortable and a lot heavier than aluminum. Titanium is also a premium material used to made road bike frames. It is far more durable than steel and aluminum. The biggest advantage is that it is rust free. Carbon fiber is a pricey item. Yet there are cheap material also available and these make a great impact on the construction of the road bike. These can be manipulated and designers create a right balance of the properties, making it stiff, comfortable yet low in weight.


If you are new to road bikes, it is important to take the advice of the experts. The right size matters in making your riding experience fun. Do not pick a bike that is too big or too small, just because it comes at a bargain price. If you want to enjoy your hobby it is important to pick the right size. The size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but the bike can be customized to fit your requirement. Before buying the bike, check the size chart, test run the bike and then take a decision. If you are able to stand over the frame with a decent space between the top tube and you then it is the ideal size.