Useful Home Remedies to Keep Your Footwear Clean

cleaning shoe

You all may find stains on your shoes to be very annoying. Many of you may not know the appropriate cleaner that would erase the scrape on your brand-new shoes. If you want to learn the various shoe cleaning hacks, then this article can be an ideal guide. The different tips to keep your shoes look fresh and new uses products that are readily available in any house. Things such as sweat, bacteria, injuries or other foot problems can result in smelling shoes. With the useful footwear maintenance hacks, keep your favourite shoes last longer and stay clean. You can read the full list here and know the importance of maintaining footwear by browsing on relevant sites.

No one likes to wear smelly shoes
If you want to get rid of the smell from your sneaker or shoes, then using baking soda can be a fantastic solution. All you need to do is – sprinkle some baking soda on your loafers or sneakers and let it sit overnight. In the morning, remove the powder from the shoes. Be careful in case of leather shoes, as the repetitive application of baking soda on them can dry them out. Baking soda is also a very helpful odour eater for socks. You need to stuff some powder in the stockings and tie them into a knot. Place the socks in the shoes and leave it for twelve hours.

Toothpaste- An excellent cleanser
Cleaning the stains on your canvas shoes can be an excellent home remedy. You do not have to spend bucks to clean your shoes. You can do it at home very quickly. Apply a little toothpaste on the stained areas and wipe the marks off. Use a cloth to wipe away the residue.

How to clean your leather shoes?
If you are finding it difficult to remove the stains from your leather shoes or brogues, then try some nail-paint remover to erase the stains. Add a little remover on the cotton ball to clean away the stains. It has proven to be a handy cleaner when it comes to leather footwear. But, make sure you do not rub too much of the remover on the shoe material as it may discolour it.

After the harsh nail-paint remover treatment, you can apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on the shoe surface. Take a soft piece of cloth to rub the Vaseline on the surface and offer it a shining effect. Windex is another excellent alternative to keep your footwear shining. By spraying some Windex on the stained surface, you will keep your shoes away from marks.

How to store boots?
Not everyone likes a lot about the winter. The only thing that everyone loves about the cold is the winter-wear. Boots are the most favourite footwear for many in the winter. If you have boots, you need to take care of them to last longer. Most boots bend and creases appear on them. Improper storing of boots causes permanent leather damage. However, there are plenty of options available to keep your shoes in shape and clean, for example, foldable shoe clips.

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